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Welcome to Elridge Great Pyrenees



Hi, my name is Ellen Vanden Avond. I am a Breeder, Owner, and Handler of world class Great Pyrenees for the last thirty-five years. I have established the Elridge Kennel name about thirteen years ago, to establish my own

distinction in this breed. I want to be known for the highest quality, and honorable reputation in this Great Breed. I seek to learn and develop the qualities that set this breed apart from all of the others. I do believe in nurturing, developing, and caring for the dogs, that will give them the best chance to succeed, in all areas, including the show ring and reproduction.


I have high goals and a even higher responsibility to this breed, that I intend to uphold and fulfill. I "Thank You" for taking the time to study my website and to learn about me and my dogs. Please feel free to contact me. I am open to ideas and suggestions.

Ellen Vanden Avond

David Osborn

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Elridge Great Pyrenees
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